Jackson Wink Nutrition Education, LLC is a company owned and operated by two women making a mark in a predominantly male-dominated arena, is now putting their footprint in the nutritional supplement industry with their new affordable, limited ingredient, high quality protein powders.


Jackson Wink MMA is a World renowned and premier Mixed Martial Arts training academy located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a home to some of the best MMA fighters to ever grace the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. They’ve been voted as a worldwide #1 MMA Training Camp for many years. It is here that Coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn created something truly unique that took the sport of MMA to a totally different level.

Part of the reason Jackson Wink MMA ranks so highly is due to how they approach nutritional health while getting their fighters ready to compete in a safe and sustainable manner. The high level of athletic performance seen by many of their athletes can largely be attributed to the nutritional guidance of Jackson Wink Nutrition Education, LLC, which is owned and operated by certified FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™) Practitioner Heather Winkeljohn (wife to Mike Winkeljohn), and Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist Dr. Anita DelPrete.


“To our knowledge we are the only pro MMA gym to have an in-house nutrition program. We created the program out of a concern for the dangerous rapid weight loss (i.e., “cutting”) tactics that are often used in MMA and other weight class combat sports. After navigating through our own ups and downs with other products out there, we needed to be able to ensure quality for our clients (limited ingredients, high quality, antioxidants, great taste, dissolves quickly) and supply.” ~ Dr. Anita DelPrete

“We are trying to change not only what the athletes eat (or don’t eat) but also help create a paradigm shift on how the athletes view food and its critical function in their health as well as their performance.” ~ Heather Winkeljohn

The results enjoyed by both athletes and fitness clients have been so significant, both Heather and Anita decided to use their knowledge and expertise to develop protein supplements that were not only safe for their athletes, but delicious and able to be enjoyed by fitness enthusiast everywhere.


Both Heather and Anita have enjoyed working with some of the most elite athletes in the world - nationally and internationally - including the following:


Holly Holm, Jon Jones, Michelle Waterson, Yana Kunistskaya, Maycee Barber, Kerry Hughes, Cass Bell, Joao Zeferino, Diego Sanchez, Anthony Hamilton, Steve Garcia, Ben Reiter, Smealhino Rama, Cody East, Wil Santiago, Chris Brown, Bevon Lewis, Leivon Lewis, and many more world level athletes.

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